Momo Special

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Momo Lamb/Chicken/Vegetarian £6.50 (8 pieces)

Sunday Roast Special

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Turkey/Lamb/Chicken/Mixed Traditional Gravy: £8.95 Spicy Sunday Roast: £9.50 Veg Roast: £7.95 Available from 12:30pm to 5pm


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190. GREEN SALAD £2.00 191. MIXED RAITHA £2.50 192. PLAIN YOGHURT £2.50 193. SWEET LASSI (JUG) £1.50 Blended light yoghurt mixed with glucose. 194. SALTED LASSI (JUG) £2.00 Blended light yoghurt with cumin powder. 195. MANGO LASSI (JUG) £1.75 Blended light yoghurt mixed with mango pulp.


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176. BULLET NAAN £2.00 Bread with green chilli topping, baked in clay oven. 177. CHEESE NAAN £2.50 Bread stuffed with cheese cooked in a clay oven. 178. KHEEMA NAAN £2.50 Bread stuffed with minced neat, cooked in a clay oven. 179. PLAIN NAAN £1.50 180. PESHWARI NAAN £2.00 181. GARLIC […]


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167. VEG BIRYANI £7.50 Seasonal vegetables cooked in light spices traditionally prepared with basmati rice. 168. CHICKEN TIKKA BIRYANI £8.50 Traditionally prepared saffron flavoured basmati rice, cooked with chicken tikka pieces. 169. LAMB BIRYANI £9.50 Tender lamb pieces cooked in light spices, traditionally prepared with basmati rice. 170. KING PRAWN […]


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152. VEGETABLE FRIED RICE £4.00 153. CHICKEN FRIED RICE £5.50 154. EGG FRIED RICE £7.00 155. MIXED FRIED RICE £8.00 Rice cooked with egg, chicken, prawns, and vegetables. 156. PRAWN FRIED RICE £8.00 157. PLAIN RICE £3.50 158. PILAO RICE £3.50 159. JEERA RICE £3.00 160. MUTTER PILAO £3.50 161. […]

Indo – Chinese

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ALL NOODLE DISHES ARE STIR FRIED, AND COOKED ON A CHINESE COOKER. 142. VEGETABLE CHOW MEIN £6.00 Noodles cooked with diced vegetables in a spicy soya sauce. 143. CHICKEN CHOW MEIN £7.50 Noodles cooked with mixed vegetables and chicken chunks in a unique Chinese style. 144. EGG CHOW MEIN £7.00 […]

Indo – Chinese Non Veg Main Course

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132. KING PRAWN MANCHURIAN WITH SAUCE £10.00 Prawns cooked in an Indo-Chinese sauce. 133. CHICKEN MANCHURIAN WITH SAUCE £8.50 Chicken balls cooked with ginger and garlic in and Indo-Chinese sauce. 134. CHILLI CHICKEN WITH SAUCE £8.50 Butter fried chicken cooked with fresh capsicum and green chillies. 135. GARLIC CHILLI CHICKEN […]

Non – Veg Main Courses

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97. CHICKEN CURRY £7.00 Succulent chunks of chicken made in well spiced tomato and onion based sauce. 98. CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA £8.00 Diced pieces of chicken tikka prepared in a special creamy sauce with hints of almond and coconut. 99. KARAHI CHICKEN £7.50 Enriched with spices of medium strength and […]

Indo – Chinese Veg Main Course

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89. VEGETABLE MANCHURIAN WITH SAUCE £7.00 Spicy vegetable ball in an indo-chinese sauce. 90. PANEER MANCHURIAN WITH SAUCE £7.00 Cottage cheese balls in an indo-chinese sauce. 91. MUSHROOM CHILLI WITH SAUCE £6.50

Himalaya Events

We are delighted to announce the offer to cater (35 - 250 people) on your special occasion Birthday party, Religious Events, Engagement ceremony, Wedding, Get together and any special Occasion, on your own choice of venue.

Food allergies and intolerance

Please speak to our staff about
the ingredients in your meal,
when making you order.
Some dishes may contain nuts.

Kids Meal

Chicken Nuggets and Chips or
Fish Fingers and Chips or
Vegetable Fingers and Chips

Just for £4.00

Set Menu

(Choice of one)

Chilli Chicken
Chilli Paneer
Chicken Pakora
Chicken Tikka
Onion Bhaji

Main Course
(Choice of one)

Chicken Tikka Masala
Lamb Roghan Josh
Chicken or Lamb Korma
Chicken Manchurian with Sauce
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Paneer Tikka Masala
Chana Masala
Vegetable Kheema


Boiled Rice or Pilao Rice
Plain Naan / Garlic Naan or
Peshwari Naan


Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream)

Just for £15.99